Sunday, September 6, 2009

"It's Complicated"

...that's what CJ's relationship status would be if he had a facebook.

Yesterday I went to the pasture to fetch my grumpy little rolly polly ol' man horsy to go for a nice ride and since my horses are so photogenic, I decided to take some pictures while the sun was in a perfect place. I just can't resist! :)

On the left is Mr. Rolly Polly grumpy ol' man (aka: CJ) and on the right is My Beautiful Girl (aka: Cherokee).

Most people think I'm off my rocker, but I've always been a fan of horse behinds. There's just something so cute about them! Still haven't figured out what it is though...

While I'm busy trying to capture the cuteness of my horses' rear end's my Big Fluffy Ball of Love (aka: Spooky) was trying to play hide and seek with a lizard or a bug or something...

poor whatever it is...
For a small creature, playing hide and seek with him usually results in death.

Spooky must have won...

Then just as Pooky comes trotting triumphantly back up to me, I look at the horses again, and this is what I see...

He really does love her....a lot...but when you're old and grumpy, you don't really appreciate little munchkins in your face.
And trust me. She's ALWAYS in his face because that is her CJ...

...and he wouldn't hurt her if his life depended on it because that is his baby girl.

He just won't admit it because he has to maintain his manly posture.

He won't admit that he's a LITTLE on the chubby side either, but that would hurt his pride. what is it with men? (mom, that one was for you. :P )

shhhh...don't tell him I said that!


  1. Which would you prefer? A Rant or a Rave?

    Since I don't know, I'll just say I like your blog. I've ALWAYS said you should be a writer! You're so creative, I'm sure we'll be in for some very interesting blog-fodder.

    I like the picture of Pooky trotting through the high grass/weeds.


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