Monday, September 21, 2009

Illinoisy trip: continued...

Well the thought of that peach cobbler made me hungry, but unfortunately, in the weeks that have passed since that post, I didn't get any cobbler until going to spend this past weekend at Camp Charis. So, now that I'm not salivating every time I read that post, I can post another one! :)

So, let me pick up where I left off...

After picking peaches that morning and peeling...and peeling...and peeling, that afternoon, the next task while the cobbler was being cooked was to make PIZZAS! No, it wasn't Digiorno, or Tombstone or Pizza Hut take-out. We made pizzas! From the dough on up. No store-bought NUTHIN here! Thankfully I am sitting here eating yummy pizza while writing this, so it's not making me hungry...

They were delish!

The wittle cheerin's played upstairs.

Cora and Uncle Moose putting the HOMEMADE salsa on the pizzas.

Then, after the salsa is evenly spread it gets all the cheese and fixins on top!

Some of the folkies there for the Pizza Party :D

And that was Saturday night! It was great fun! Will write tomorrow about the rest of the great weekend! :)

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  1. You keep posting all the pictures I'm going to put on MY blog! I'll be posting the pizza party pictures soon.

    I LOVE it when you BLOG!!!!!


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