Monday, October 19, 2009

So much for that:

"will write tomorrow!" She said. . . YEAH RIGHT!
I don't know what happened to me. . . sorry. The sad reality is that I probably forgot I even had a blog so I failed to post and now it's been over 2 months! You'll just have to get used to it though. It's way too typical of me.

Oh Well. . .

For this post I'll go ahead and finish up the trip.

Sunday morning we went to church, saw the youth choir sing and the little kids sing (and one little boy in particular who decided that he might as well TAKE the stage while he was there. He proceeded to dance and stomp around all over the place while all the other munchkins were doing the little hand motions like they were supposed to. Who needs hand motions anyway when you can do your own dance?).
After church everyone (and I'm not exaggerating when I say everyone) went back to Aunt Judy and Uncle Moose's to enjoy a delicious Sunday lunch which apparently happens every Sunday. Mashed Potatoes, some more of that sweet corn, vegetables (fresh out of the garden I might add) and some more cobbler for dessert was just SOME of the meal. It was like Thanksgiving! And just to think that they do that EVERY Sunday! Wow!

After eating and eating, Cora, her aunt's little sister and I, decided to go for a horseback ride. We went outside to catch them and after chasing them back into the pasture when they got out, we finally caught the ones we wanted and proceeded to get them ready for the ride.

I rode a sweet little (fat) mare named Fawn. For some reason she had a bad reputation among everyone there, but she didn't give me any problems. She was a great ride!

We rode up the hill and attempted to get to the top of the bluff, but got way up the mountain only to find that we couldn't get there because for some reason horses can't climb rock-faces! Go Figure! So, we had to turn around and go back. But it was fun! :)

Later that afternoon, Uncle Moose took us on a ride to the top of the bluff. It's such a high hill and it was such a pretty view.

Then after going back down the bluff we went to see the Quarry. It was pretty cool!

This was some old rock grinding machine. Pretty cool!

When we returned, I took the four-wheeler up the hill to take pictures of the beautiful sunset. (Not that I didn't just want to ride the 4-wheeler of course. . .)

This one is most definitely my favorite :)

And this one runs a close second :)

CORRNNNN!!! Yummmmm :D

Then just as it was getting dark we got back in the truck with Uncle Moose and took a ride to go look for deer. We saw a BUNCH of deer and several with nice sized racks!

If you look VERY closely at this one you can see a rack on one's head

I especially enjoyed the little ones. :)


It was dark when we returned from that ride and so we went to bed because we were gonna head out early in the morning.

Bear with me here, cause I'm having trouble remembering much of this since it was so long ago....

Monday, we left early in the morning, and the sun rise was sooo beautiful! These SunRISE pictures are VERY rare for me, so enjoy it while ya can!

We drove and drove and went on down to good ol' Tennessee. We wanted to stop in Nashville so I could go to the Bass Pro Shops store! So, after driving around and around Nashville for about 45 minutes, we finally found the place.

I LOVED IT! Bass Pro Shops is officially my favorite store. :)

My new friend :)

He/she (whatever) liked me alot....or just thought I had food or something....

It's a good thing this isn't real, cause the floor would probably be wet under the guy...

I look high, but mom wanted to take my picture in front of the raccoons.

chk, chk...BOOM. Dead.

I wanted a hat, so after looking and looking for the perfect one, I finally found it.

AMEN brother!!!! I REALLY liked this one but....

.....but I ended up with this one and I LOOOVVVEEE it!! :D

After leaving Nashville, we wanted to take the scenic route and go through Chattanooga to Atlanta. The mountains were so beautiful and they never cease to amaze me!

You wanna mow this hill?? ha! NOT MUA!!

Then of course, it started to rain just as we got into the mountain passes, the most beautiful part of the ride, so I couldn't take very good pictures. :/

So while I'm trying to make up for the rain with good pictures, my camera decides to only take the pictures when there's a billboard. Lovely.....


Just BARELY caught that one, but made it just in time! >:[

Oh look! Adoption!! Ugh...

And that's pretty much all that happened between there and home......except for my version of the license plate game that I made up where you had to find numbers and letters in succession on separate license plates......that got REALLY difficult when we had to start finding the 2-digit numbers like 11 and 12, but it definitely kept me occupied.

Till next time!! (whenever that will be)
Bex :)

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